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When the song "Butet" sung by Hermann Delago

When the song "Butet" sung by Hermann Delago

When the song "Butet" sung by Hermann Delago - Today, I will give an entertainment to you all. Which witnessed the appearance of a German man named Hermann Delago.

When the song "Butet" sung by Hermann Delago
Hermann Delago - Photo by Facebook

He was one of the many people who love the western Batak songs. When he sang it so eloquently. Even almost a 100% Batak people. Styles and how to express it so incredible. I myself was very amazed him. Well ... Hermann Delago ... Great man.

Hermann Delago is a music composer born in 1957. Marrying a girl Batak. He was given the surname "Manik". He has great vision, which combines traditional music, modern and cosmopolitan style and good improvisation.

If you are looking for Batak songs that he brought, for example, you want to find on Youtube, you will definitely find it quickly. Because, the Batak themselves liked. Even the media has become a trend in Indonesia (especially for the Sumatran).

The song "Butet" one of the songs she brought. Accompanied by the music arranger Viky Sianipar great class, makes this song even more beautiful to listen to. Viky Sianipar is one of the original people of Batak musician. Viky and Hermann collaborate in the cultivation of this video.

Well ... Now, we no longer need to linger. When to see a song Butet Hermann Delago.

I hope you like the sound. And ... you can sing it. Try it ...

Manik = Marga Manik = Klan Manik

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