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Let's Peek Lake Toba Festival (FDT) in 2014

Let's Peek Lake Toba Festival (FDT) in 2014

M-EXPLORER - Let's Peek Lake Toba Festival (FDT) in 2014. Lake Toba Festival (FDT) held 17-21 September 2014 in Toba Samosir, North Sumatra. In the festival held a number of activities, including competition Solu Bolon Dragon (dragon boat), Lake Toba's World Drum Festival, Festival International Swimming and Pool People, Cultural Show, Competition Singing and Voice Guide, Contest Rafting, Fashion Show, Seminar on Tourism, Fair tourism and Creative Industries.

Let's Peek Lake Toba Festival (FDT) in 2014

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Wamen Parekraf) Nirwandar in Jakarta, Friday (09/12/2014), said it took the North Sumatra Provincial Government and the Government of Toba Samosir in Lake Toba Festival this year.

"This also we can expect a positive impact on the development of the Lake Toba region to increase tourist arrivals to North Sumatra," Sapta said.

Seven expect FDT 2014 has been carried out since the 1970s, which was known as the Bull can be re-unite the entire community of North Sumatra to contribute to equalize the welfare of the community through tourism and the creative economy.

Source: ANTARA
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