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The beauty Sibayak Mountain

The beauty Sibayak Mountain

The beauty Sibayak Mountain - One of the most famous natural attractions in North Sumatra is Sibayak Mountain. Sibayak mountain is located in Karo highlands soil, namely the height of 2094 m above sea level. Sibayak mountain is a volcano is still active, and have enough craters to descend ramps and did not seem very dangerous so long as not too close. Sibayak mountain peak has been shattered, caused by the eruptions in the past.

The beauty Sibayak Mountain

Sibayak mountain can be reached from two places, namely: from the village of King Berneh (Spirit Mountain) and from Brastagi city. The mountain is not so difficult to climb even by a beginner though. As with Mount Gede in West Java, the mountain is always visited by local hikers on weekends. They usually start climbing at around 2:00 in the morning to get the sunrise at the summit of this mountain.

Medan is the capital of North Sumatra. If you've climbed Sibayak Mountain, you can see the beautiful city of Medan in the distance from the summit Sibayak Mountain.

Do you like to climb? Follow a Route Ascent below.

To achieve this mountain we can climb two places, namely, from the village of King Berneh (Spirit Mountain) and from the city Brastagi. Both can be achieved by transport from the city of Medan. Of Brastagi ascent starts from the path that lies behind the hill Gundaling. However, the fastest ascent of King Berneh village located about 7 km from the highway Medan - Brastagi. Past the hot spring Lau Sidebuk-Debuk. The situation of this village are very heterogeneous in religion, with synagogues, Catholic, Protestant and Islam coexist.

King Berneh village dam produces fruit vegetables. Right at the foot of the mountains found a hot spring which is also the entrance to the trail to the summit.

Trail to the summit is very clear. Along the way there are no special features, just at the waist of the mountain there is a small cave that jutted into the meter. Then entered a dry river, continues through a bamboo forest area before entering the actual forest. From this area there is a path that veered to the right path towards the hill Pertektekan.

Entering the plants begin to lower the peak area and began to enter the gravel and rocky areas that are not so compact. The trail is not so clear and it helps you to be careful in this area.

In addition to the top of the crater scenery and views of terrain at the foot of this mountain there is also a hot spring baths frequented by local tourists are hot spring baths Lau Sidebuk-Debuk.

In addition to the two pathways mentioned above, there is another route Sibayak munuju mountaintop. the line 54. This pathway is located in the tongkoh (burnt corn) located in Medan-Brastagi highway, the route in line 54 is a challenging route. Steep slope is a challenge that must be passed the climbers, but it was still very beautiful forest. On the path to the top of the rattan plant encountered many, but this route was much in use for training members of the student of nature lovers in Medan and surrounding areas. After passing through a shady forest, then we will see the rock (almost munuju peak). For spring, the line was only a few springs. By many because it is required to bring supplies of water from the foot of the mountain

In the ascent to the mountain Sibayak we will pass tropical jungle and cliffs full of challenges and there is a stretch of mountain terrain camping spot. From the top of the mountain visible craters are still active magma issued and the beautiful scenery and charming. Distance from  Berastagi City to the beginning of the climb from the village of Jaranguda 1.5 km and from the village of King Berneh 15 km. Long ascent estimated at between two to three hours.

That is one of the natural attractions in the province of North Sumatra. Come and enjoy the natural attractions of Mount Sibayak. Well ... Sibayak mountain beauty.
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