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The beauty of the Village Bakkara

The beauty of the Village Bakkara

The beauty of the Village BakkaraBakkara (Bakara) is the name of a region on the southwestern edge of Lake Toba, near the estuary and in the administrative district Baktiraja, Hasundutan Humbang District, Sumatra Utara.Sebuah territory consisting of several villages dusundan valley lay within a dozen miles from Dolok Sanggul. Cleaved by two major rivers that flow profusely watery. The biggest rivers are the dominant "Aek Silang" sourced from a gushing waterfall of a stretch of hills. Second, smaller river named "Aek Simangira". Both flow through several villages and empties into Lake Toba.

The beauty of the Village Bakkara

The best known of these areas
Bakkara famous: Aek Sipangolu (water turn). Perhaps the story, if the person is exposed to any kind of disease if the person is bathing or drinking water from Aek Sipangolu she would be healed. Aek Sipangolu is a source of water coming out of a stone and flows of all time, the water is fresh and clear and empties into Lake Toba.

Aek Sipangolu - Aek Sitiotio

Bakkara also famous for its red onion, red onion is where the main commodity of the population of this area, in addition to rice and beans tanah.Selain it, Bakkara is the birthplace of King Sisingamangaraja XII. Bakara including areas of the district Dolok Sanggul. Bakara including one sub humbang Hasundutan

Aek : Water or River
Aek Silang : Cross River / Silang River

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