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Tarutung - Beautiful Religious Tourism in North Sumatra

Tarutung - Beautiful Religious Tourism in North Sumatra

Tarutung - Beautiful Religious Tourism in North SumatraTarutung town in North Tapanuli, North Sumatra, is not only known for its legend Sisingamangaraja, Batak king who supposedly powerful and immune to bullets. However, the area reached about five hours drive from Medan is also synonymous with spiritual tourism Christians. One of them is a hill at the top of the Memorial Cross Love Dolok The Top Barita.

Been to the Toba Samosir, do not ever forget this one as a reference visit your journey. Tarutung city. Well, the city became an interesting reference to the visit to be considered.

The city is known as the Religious Tourism, because there are the Cross of Love, That is a cross-shaped tower as high as approximately 30-meter, which was built in the hills of North Tapanuli Government Siatas Tarutung Barita. In place of the visit we will see Tarutung City, from the hill Siatas Barita.

The place was very quiet, comfortable and equipped with fresh house of prayer. Pleasure and happiness that makes you never forget that moment.

Tarutung - Beautiful Religious Tourism in North Sumatra

The place was very quiet, comfortable and equipped with fresh house of prayer. Sense of fun and it wah, make you never forget that moment.

Visitors who walk up the hill to meet a number of interesting objects. Along the way, there are a number of inscriptions that read verses of the Book. This verse is written so that visitors are not bored and can read them while closer to the Creator. The location of the inscription is also arranged in such a way. High trees also make the air in a cool area. Eve brings more visitors closer to the love of Jesus.

In addition, a Garden of Memories seems built on the road to the summit. At this park, visitors can leave their souvenirs here. Every visitor who intends to make souvenirs such as personal names inscribed stone tablet can put it here. This is why this place called the Garden of Memories so visitors can see it.

A few moments after passing Garden Memories, tourists arrived at the Cross Love. At first, this monument was built to commemorate the pastor Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen. The German missionaries have a great service to spread Christianity in the Land of Batak, around the 1860s. At that time, residents of this area is still largely adopts animism.

Tarutung - Beautiful Religious Tourism in North Sumatra - Salib Kasih

Quite striking monument which is about 31 meters high. Provided underneath the seat open for the event service. A seat capable of accommodating more than 600 congregations. Usually a lot of people who come to the Lord's Day or Christmas celebrations. Even for churches who want to pray more fervently, the local manager also provides a prayer room 13. 2 x 2 meter space can be used any time without restriction.

Tarutung - Beautiful Religious Tourism in North Sumatra

Besides this monument, Tarutung also has other attractions such as the source of hot water Sipoholon located in the limestone hills. Called could reach the water temperature 70 degrees Celsius. Sulfur content, and sodas at the local community is also believed to cure various skin diseases.

If it rises to the top of the hill, it will show the bubbling hot water and form a limestone carving. Be careful when climbing because of the way up, pretty slick. Surrounding communities also take advantage of this hill as the mining of limestone. In addition, residents also use hot water to make a swimming baths.

A pond owner claims to have opened the business since 11 years ago. These states attract pool owners paid Rp 2,000 for each person who bathe in the pond. Also provided a special room and a host of other facilities to eat and drink for travelers. Generally, the hot tub business in this area has been built since the decade of the 80s.

Tourists also feel it's good soda water pond in the village of Parbubu, which is about three kilometers from Tarutung. This pool of water called soda because it's like a soda. Bathing in this place is also believed to cure various skin diseases. Soda water is quite unique and seems to boil from the ground. But the cool and clear. As long as still in Tarutung, it's worth a try!

Tarutung - Beautiful Religious Tourism in North Sumatra

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