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Eat delicious Sangsang, Batak Typical Food

Eat delicious Sangsang, Batak Typical Food

Eat delicious Sangsang, Batak Typical Food - Not a stranger to the Batak people Sangsang. Sangsang is one of the Batak traditional foods. All of the Batak people will definitely miss the food is and will always try to find this food anywhere Batak people go. Know why?

Sangsang, Batak Typical Food
Sangsang, Batak Typical Food

This food is said to Sangsang because these foods are made from pork and cut meat into small pieces. Then cooked with the spice mixture Batak cuisine that has its own flavor. And do not forget to mix it with the "members" or the blood of the pig. That's what makes this food more delicious.

Spices Seasonings Sangsang
Seasonings are used such as garlic, shallots, galangal, chillies, ginger, andaliman. And "member" which was mixed as condiments and meat is almost cooked. But along with advances in this day and age, are increasingly rare sangsang mixed with "members". And there are some who do not take the flow of blood. But for many people say that sangsang without blood has a different flavor than sangsang a much more delicious when mixed with "members". In the presentation, for a regular portion is also given garlic and cayenne pepper to create a spicy bite on the tongue.

Spices Seasonings Sangsang - Bumbu Sangsang
Spices Seasonings Sangsang

Initially, there sangsang customary on occasions such as weddings. But lately sangsang already available in diners. It is no longer scarce food. Live search home eating a typical Batak sure we can enjoy it. Not only that, at an affordable price we can menikatinya. Coupled to a portion of rice with soup plus its only about 10,000-Rp20.000 only. Of course it's not too expensive pay for special food.

In addition we will also encounter sangsang roast pork, naniarsik, and naniura. If you are on a visit to the Batak (Lake Toba or Samosir Island), do not forget to drop to around Ajibata, around and around Tomok Pangururan Sangsang to enjoy this with a sense that is still unique and original Batak

Eat delicious Sangsang, Batak Typical Food
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