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Come and Enjoy the beauty of Parapat City

Come and Enjoy the beauty of Parapat City

Come and Enjoy the beauty of Parapat City - North Sumatra province has a variety of exotic attractions and even the value of history is worth a visit. One is Parapat. In this city lies the beauty of Lake Toba and Samosir Island in the middle of the famous to the world. You only need three to four hours drive from the capital city of North Sumatra, Medan.


From there Parapat ferry port serving the transportation of water to the island of Samosir, specifically to the harbor Ajibata. If you want to reach the island of Samosir via a landline, you should round up to the banks of Lake Toba Pangururan.


Traveled to Parapat, do not complete if not visited Siburak-Burak Road. This region is the center of the original shopping for souvenirs Parapat. Displayed a variety of souvenirs, such as calendars with the original writings of ancient Batak Batak, Batak guitar out of wood and various other unique souvenirs. The price offered is varied, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Bakara Village
Hasundutan Humbang district, North Tapanuli still on the shores of Lake Toba. This village was the birthplace of King Sisingamangaraja XII is also a national hero. Before reaching the Bakara, go to the cemetery Balige Sisingmangaraja XII.

Bakara village

From Balige, travel should be continued by ferry along the Lake Toba for two hours. Costs may be quite expensive to reach Rp 800 thousand. Tickets ship must also be booked a few hours earlier. To save, you should not be an excursion alone.

Along the way, you not only presented with the natural scenery of Lake Toba and the City Parapat is soothing to the eye. On board, a number of local musicians ready to entertain you with songs typical of Batak.


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