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Goldfish "Naniura" - Batak Cuisine

Goldfish "Naniura" - Batak Cuisine

Goldfish "Naniura" - Batak Cuisine | All the tribes would have the typical food of each, as well as the Batak tribe. With a cultural value, allowing a tribe that will be known by many people, including the Batak tribe. In know many people including those from food. Not only naniura but also other foods. "Naniura" be a typical food and special and different from other food. Plus his taste delicious too.

Goldfish "Naniura" - Batak Cuisine

"Ikan Mas Naniura" - Goldfish Naniura
Not like any other cooked foods during cooking, this "naniura" cooked foods without cooking. Yet if we look at this food made from fish or "dengke". Why is said to be cooked without cooking? This fact, this fish is not fried or baked. Only the spices and sour fish is used to ripen. In fact it was far more delicious than a well cooked.

Goldfish "Naniura" is typical Batak food, which is unique from the carp is not cooked the way of presentation. Because "naniura" in Batak discuss means fish that are not cooked, the fish is soaked Jungga acids that are chemically made this raw carp do not seem fishy and tough like raw fish.

Now the question, what fish are commonly used as "naniura"? The most frequently used for naniura are goldfish. Although other fish actually can. Spices used in their construction should be complete. Because spice is which will affect the maturation of fish. Although fish is not cooked with fire.

Goldfish "Naniura" - Batak Cuisine
The main seasoning of "naniura" almost the same with other spices, such as baked pecan, garlic, onion, pepper, ginger, turmeric coupled with chili. But what makes these fish mature is acidic. And the set of all flavors are marinade. So soft, it should be wrapped fish and cut fish is recommended but not separate.

Initially foods "naniura" is king but eventually growing into everyone's diet because it is typical. Very often there are people who say that is not mature "naniura" so many people who do not want to eat it. However, based on research conducted to prove that the food is really mature. Just like any other fish in Japan is a meal many people. So naniura often referred international food can be eaten all the people.

Goldfish "Naniura" - Batak Cuisine

If you are logged in northern Sumatra, you should try to enjoy the cuisine Batak kings, which have become typical Batak cuisine "Naniura Goldfish".


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