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Siantar Man is My Alias

Siantar Man is My Alias

Siantar City - Near Heroes Cemetery
Siantar Man is My Alias - Who does not know the city nicknamed Siantar Man? The name is familiar in Sumatra, even in Java from Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya is already very common name heard. But do you know what they know about Siantar its just a piece of reality. Residents in Java only Siantar tau was located in Medan, the majority population and more tragic Batak tribe again said Siantar Man synonymous with thuggery. For that era advancement of information and communication systems must be able to use to tell us how exactly Siantar Man.

A Brief History
A beautiful town, populated with about 1/4 million people, 2nd largest city after Medan in the North Sumatra Province. Inhabited with people of different enthnic races, from Chinese, Bataks, Malays and Javanese.

Before 1907, Pematangsiantar was a Kingdom lead by the Damanik Family. The last king of the dynasty is Tuan Sangnawaluh Damanik. In 1907, the Dutch took over and turn it into their colony. The city remain under Dutch until 1942 when Japanese rule over the country.

After Indonesia proclaim its independence, Pematangsiantar was granted the status of autonomy. In 1974, Pematangsiantar became second level district, and appointed as the capital of Simalungun Regency.

Siantar, is also one the places that produces the most resources of talented people around Asia, who are now many millionare, successful businessman and bank CEOs. Driven by the wonderful spirit of determination, hardwork and respect to their own motherland allow them to grow greatly overseas.

Pematangsiantar is an hour away from Lake Toba on the Trans-Sumatran Highway. Lake Toba is one of the largest volcanic calderas in the world, and a major tourism destination. It is common to see some tourists stopping over in Pt. Siantar. Pematangsiantar can also be reached from Medan by train.

Siantar City - Near Heroes Cemetery

Siantar City - Near Heroes Cemetery

Siantar is my hometown, Siantar Man is My Alias, always remembering my childhood, my teen years. Later when I was tipped, although I much want to be a beloved rest in my town. I LOVE Siantar.

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