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Gondang Batak and The explanation

Gondang Batak and The explanation

Gondang Batak and The explanation - Gondang Batak, one of Batak music artwork is very rich and the admiration for the world. A diverse repertoire to meet all the needs of art used for various activities such as religious ceremonies, customs and entertainment.

Gondang Batak
Gondang Batak and The explanation

Modernization has been pounding the joints greatness Gondang Batak. We can only see the art instrument that is played with a modern version of the original Batak gondang repertoire is rarely raised.

Pargonsi, Batak gondang young players are no longer concerned with the mastery of various gondang hobo, because in general the Batak people wanting more modern rhythms like the song even dangdut.

Gondang old artist currently in the Toba Batak also has rarely led to various Gondang Batak society was due to the inability to recognize it.

When started documenting gondang hobo, some of which are still remembered the name gondang assessment was carried out and understanding the meaning of the title. Although somewhat difficult, finally understanding can be cooked up from scratch when gondang was created, played, requested and was applied at the time manortor.

Some gondang do I conclude in cooperation with the pargonsi, composed a brief narrative to facilitate our understanding of the basic meaning of gondang were made and used.

Variuos Gondang Batak
Godang Mula-Mula
At first he was there, and he started there. There's a world, the universe and its contents, There earth by human beings with his best man. He's At So Early in advance, first of all things that should be subject to Him.

(Gondang is generally played when starting the show "mamuhai ulaon" by hasuhuton. Before "hasuhuton ask for the Early, first pargonsi uantaian 7 gondang play a medley called" sipitulili ")

Mula-Mula II (ni Paidua mula2)
He was given a gift by the Mula So. He was given authority to manage the earth for the fulfillment of his life kalangsungan. He started the work and effort. He said that smart worship "Deak Marujar". He is smart science tells us "Deak Boto-botoan". He was the first to face the challenges, anxiety, tears and joy. He taught love neighbor. He was the first to beg forgiveness of the creator. He first said to the adoration of his master, Mula So that is great.

(Deak Parujar is the first goddess who became the first humans to inhabit the earth, so trust batak once. It was he who begged and mengkreasi this planet earth among the planets available as occupancy after deciding mmenisah themselves from the world of gods. He is starting to live next to creations on a planet inhabited by human beings)

Be a human being be loved, smart, wise and bestari. Which gives insight to the approach, which gives life to the company. Which gives guidance to be followed. Who pleaded with the justice to believe. Behind, he awaited, before he pursued, he was mobbed ditengan.

(Harungguan, is a gathering place. Last week also called harungguan. Siharungguan means that mobbed. This is an idealism Batak leaders)

Sidabu Petek
New democracy emerged in the land of Batak. Leaders who once appeared on harajaon character, natural leader, changed with the sponsor ourselves and be ready to vote.

Petek, a voice that is inserted into the coin box and subsequent votes counted. Anxiety began to emerge, win or lose. It takes mental readiness, accepting both risks.

Lost, must be accepted into the fairness, though there is no doubt will emerge a sense of disappointment. Only with big hearts who can accept defeat and acknowledge the victory to his rival.

(Based on experience Panuhari, a pargonsi who participated in the election of village heads one of the regions in Samosir. He described the turbulence between the spirit and the anxiety began its shares. The fact, he had to accept defeat with tolerant despite beginning with a sense of disappointment.)

Sibungka Pinkiran
Failure will lead to disappointment. Loss will cause grief. Soluble in sorrow will drown the spirit of struggle.

While still able to think, let's get started. While still has legs, let's stand. Swing the step until you can run.

(Sibungka Pingkiran, is invite people to not drown in a failure. Refer to move dynamically with emphasis on intelligence, able to precisely analyze and make decisions.)

Hotang Mulakulak
Life is a journey. Going forward is the goal. But the journey was no doubt sometimes have to pass through the early departure, leave, go around. Without realizing it, without a head count, people have to travel to the fore yet again crossed the point of departure.

(Hotang, is spread through the cane-growing land, other branches, twisted around until the first wrapped around the stem. The journey is much more likely to return to asalanya. Heart that away also expected to return to the strands of love that had left behind and neglected)

Alit alit
Life is like crossing the jungle. Each intersection should be remembered and made a sign toward the goal to be achieved. Inadvertence read and remember the sign determines the direction to mislead travel, spend time and exhausting.

(Alit-alit, created a Safe Position pargonsi of Samosir based on his experience of getting lost in transit. The seogianya taken within two hours, he got lost for a day.)

Bunga Sipariama
Sipariama star has appeared. Harvest time was approaching. Increasingly turbulent spirit, coupled busy preparations. Togetherness was mobilized to do the harvest together, "siadap ari" alternate picking rice. There is no timetable for conquest, for determining the maturity of rice. Precariousness of life during "haleon" pacekelik melt, while thankful to Almighty Love.

(The Southern Cross, is a sign in a matter of months Batak "sipahatolu". At that time the harvest began to bloom in Toba. If you do not have a harvest this month mentioned in the hunger season "anturaparon in sipahatolu, or anturaparon in sipariama. Usually thrown to the who are lazy to work and was always begging to survive.)

Bunga Napura
Sparkling starlight will napurasa describing the beauty of the decorations the night sky. Sparkling star is his nature that can only be seen when dark. Sparkling Stars are not eternal Napurasa every night. When sparkling come and gone remember to star in the sky. Not always the desire to be needed. Not always measured by the sparkling needs.

(Star nampah Napurasa is clear that late morning. Brilliance someone is like shining stars. Brilliance is every man's dream, but there are some still in the hope that more often become an admirer of the brilliance of others)

Hata Si Pisik
Carry heavy loads, when tired, rest is the chance of recovery effort. When the load is in mind, it is impossible can be alleviated with rest physical, because it will always appear to be irregular loads in mind.

A leader must sometimes keep secrets that are not published to the community to prevent conflict.

(Gondang Sisingamangaraja I was inspired by when he received the mandate from the Raja Uti not to mention his physical form. The sign of the covenant given to Sisingamangaraja I tabutabu siratapullang, cyan i ro Tusi sumuang Molo diose frontier. Sisingamangaraja Halfway during recess, he relived and in the liver called Uti form of the king. He was surprised, and tabutabu sitarapullang disappeared. Gondang is lajim dipinta by the King to commemorate the burden of their task and the many secrets that should be buried but must be resolved wisely. gondang rhythm is very different from the gondang "Marhusip "which is often referred to during this Hata Physical So.)

Aling-aling Sahala
The King in the past among the Batak are maintaining moral ethics, laws and customs. Its capacity to uphold the truth in society is a manifestation of honor (hasangapon) and uphold the authority (Sahala) in them.

If the value can not be maintained then the "Sahala" (charisma) will collapse. Like horns plucked from the head. Nothing to regret.

The King of Batak first degraded by the influx of modern civilization through colonization and religious mission. Their authority revoked, their behavior is deemed heretical. Their offspring one by one began to move away.

Grief dihatinya not ditangiskan. Adversity through no fault of his authority. Sahala they begin to pull away. They shouted through the accompaniment of rhythmic dance movements; "Why this should occur.

(Aling-aling Sahala, defined as recall / call back their lost self charisma and an apology to the Creator who gave honorary degrees (the first) to them.)

Rambu Pinungun
Life is full of diversity. Humans have their respective merits and distinct properties in the running life. For a leader is a full-precision work in uniting their respective differences in human character. They need the wisdom and knowledge to rise to their noble task, uniting the people marching in peace, harmony and obedience within the law.

(Signs, is the strand at the end ulos. Pinungu, meaning compiled. The king among the Batak usually use "talitali" headband coat of arms of the so-called "tumtuman". From the second black cloth diujungnya no signs of red.)

Bindu Matoga
Without you I do not mean. You without me is there any sense? You, me, and he is us. We think that fuse together in the interest of us and them. Our lives are up, our spirits girder, every hand we hempang from attack. Save the souls of bad people who do not act in line. Protect yourself from a dangerous disease. Perform studies in which the weak side that can be devastating.

We are the same. Because together we are strong "toga". Dalan all angles, sides, time, we noted in the "bindu" yard work, what we have made and what still needs to be taken. All for the sake of unity and togetherness.

(Bindu Matoga. Depicted with a rectangular outline titled according to the eight cardinal points. Described as a mastery of all natural systems to prevent the bad things that can damage the integrity and health. Augury bindu matoga forecasters often done to find out where the possibility of the enemy, what diseases may arise. What action should be done to overcome problems for the welfare of society.)

Sidoli Natihal
Youth for a man filled with passion. Began to enter the competition area indicates the existence of a virgin. They are full of the doings of expression for public attention and the opposite sex. With the dynamic nature of the encouragement to get recognition. Sometimes, they are wrong in youth behavior.

(Usually played at Gondang Naposo where men dance show full of style skill.)

Tanduk ni Horbo Paung
Someone who has the honor, is that uphold moral ethics and law abiding. He is controlled by a tribute to him that in all the attitudes and behavior. These signs restrict the freedom of himself at every opportunity, like buffalo horns undergoing long narrow hallway. Escaped in a journey full of challenges and temptation is a victory for him.

(The name was formerly called gondang PARDALAN NI HORBO SISAPANG NAUALU. A buffalo horns that span a length of about one meter. A narrow corridor called balubu or bahal is a path all the cattle into the township. Buffalo was sometimes difficult due to the narrowness of the hall or the branch that jutted into the bahal.)

Lilit Tu Meter
Intelligence and intellectual Batak has been tested since time immemorial. Sign of their intelligence that we can see with building custom homes, gorga and ulos. They take measurements with the term "Suhat" for length and height of "wrap" to measure the circle.

With the advent of measuring instruments "feet" and get them more terbekali size uniformity. When meters of wood are used, they were puzzled as to measure the diameter because such habits can not be wrapped around them. Until they do the size of the rope and then they take measurements to stomach.

What they produced only by the measurement of "Suhat" and "wrap"? What a difference after using the meter? All construction, map the fields, irrigation canals, urban design settlements they created before knowing meter is still timeless.

(Modern education is only the addition of their intellectual stock. This proves that they are able to adapt to the development without having to call them "stupid, left, primitive" before the present formal education.)

Tuktuk Holing
Various symbols of human pride since young to old. Parents usually eat betel Batak. If the tooth has been weakened hearts complain, they need a betel pestle. Pestle is known after the arrival of a specially made metal pounding betel. Sometimes pestle was made beautiful with a wide variety of materials copper and silver. There is also a menempahkan with winding trimmer than gold. They boast that equipment such as jewelry.

Pestle tool made from copper iron hard that would hit the beaked bird pecks hard as iron.

(Tutuk holing, is the name of the hard-billed birds that can make a hole on a wooden stick and hard to make a nest and find food.)

Life is a struggle. The struggle did not escape from the challenge. Togetherness is gathering strength. Understanding diversity is a potential acceleration in joint missions to reach the destination.

(Solubolon, is a big boat that can fit about 12 people. Parsolubolon are those who were on the waters with a large canoe. They have a basic guideline "masihilalaan" tolerance. When the controller is not smart steering, paddle will be overwhelmed. Conversely if the paddle is not smart, then the other rower gets exhausted and the driver will bother. acceleration potential "parsolubolon" will be able to avoid the danger of attack waves.)

Sapadang Nause
Batak people are the primary snacks made of rice derived from paddy rice. When the harvest sufficient stock of one year then worries vanished.

If stock is not sufficient then sapadang rice that grows wild in the fields were picked.

No word starved when the process of living wisely. Nothing is contemptible when full meal without rice. Sweet and Sapadang is way out of this crisis limited availability of rice supplies.

(Sapadang are plants like wheat crops were usually wild. Sapadang Nause is a pithy and old grains that provide the spirit for those who find it. Sapadang treated with painstaking and cooked up delicious eaten as rice substitute made from rice. Nause does not contain a definition of "spilled, scattered "but" tight, solid, pithy, out of "the skin.)

Sekkiang Tali Mera
Gambling is sometimes happy, but more impact distress. Happy when the game is run, but a loss when reap defeat. They menghayal going to win, expect a turn "ceki" decisive victory. When determining the color red card appeared, pounding excitement arise.

Experience the gamblers always conclude, greater distress than the happiness of a gambling game. Bodies tortured, abandoned the work, property pawned.

(Based on the experience of gamblers ancient Batak society that always appealed to avoid the addictive game and work hard are the best.)

Perempuan Batak Manortor
Tortor is accompanied by body movements or rhythmic accompaniment gondang. Understanding the meaning gondang and strands for a good rhythm move your body will produce a beautiful tortor.

Tortor batak very individual, is a ritual of life becomes an offering to the public, the environment and its creator. Clearly not an entertainment.

From tortor movement, one can communicate with the public, such as when someone raised his hand and showed one finger right hand and fingers clenched left hand, meaning he only had a son. When a dancer put both hands above his shoulders, meaning that all his children and his behavior and his life was a burden and responsibility that still bear. When a dancer crossed his arms across his chest, meaning he was often targeted cemohan, often have barriers and other issues. When a dancer put both hands above the head, meaning he beg protection, of human compassion and its creator.

If both hands clenched fists palms waist and leads kebelakan, meaning that there are still many secrets of his life that have not duberitahukan to others.

When one dancer stretched out on her left and to right with palms open laterally means that her children all or most of whom were already independent and occupies a vast space in the corners of the village.

If someone spread his hands forward with palms open and distended left hand is closed, meaning that the arrival appealed to fortune or luck to him cooperation assistance. When the left hand tightly chest and palms open means he appealed to the tebuka create friendship and harmony.

When his right hand stretched forward and palms duarakan also fore and left hand on the chest is closed means please stop any acts that pollute harm to himself.

When both hands are directed forward and open palms folded shut up and often it means let's call together an invitation for all to dance together, forming friendships and strengthen brotherhood.

This is just part of what is understood by the old lady who understands tortor Batak.

Pakem tortor pemaknaannya Batak and we shall see later, after researching further.

Creation Tortot and Godang
When tortor has become entertainment, the dancers in traditional feast was no longer shows lenggak lenggoknya frivolous. Sometimes exceeded manners Batak traditions, about decency, civility and honor. After the rise of European music to accompany the party tortor traditional hobo, grip becomes lost, understanding the actual gondang no longer developing, even the opposite is happening.

Tortor creations for entertainment sought uniformity of motion. This is indeed a part in the performing arts. Generesi young tend to see only tortor entertainment and never again witness the true tortor dilakonkan the panortor the truth.

Manortor correctly sometimes accused of possession. Bullet bullet buster stupidity becomes truth. Tortor batak more erosion, along with the loss of meaning gondang batak it.

Ever (even today) Gondang Batak dirtuding as ensemble to idolatry. Tools to summon the spirits of dead. Panortor who often possessed.

In the Dutch, on the recommendation of mission, gondang batak prohibited. Then given the leeway to parties customary with strict licensing. This permits the application was prolonged until the entry of western music. Traditional western music for a party need not obtain permission. At the time of independence, gondang batak cornered precisely because it permits the treatment continued for a long time.

So deep humiliation against gondang hobo, as it is also a reluctance to take action Batak people digging Gondang Batak's value. Many who perform limited research for scientific thesis, but not many who find the "spirit" because of his background references Gondang Batak's idolatry. (M. Naipospos)


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